We The Voters - MediaOcracy

We Americans are stuck in social media news bubbles that block exposure to opposing points of view. Here you'll get concrete advice from leading media experts on how to break free and get fully informed. Narrated by Glynn Washington 

Directed By: Ellen Goosenberg Kent 

Produced By: Marcus A. Clarke

Long Live The Pimp - COMPLEX

Release Date: 4.04.16

LONG LIVE THE PIMP is a riveting & definitive look at the life & times of Port Arthur-born rapper Pimp C. The cinematic exploration into the life of Chad Butler details his rise, his impact on southern Hip-Hop, and his untimely death. 

Directed By Marcus A. Clarke

Off The Court - Feat. Brandon Jennings-  American Express

Brandon Jennings shares his story growing up in Gardena California and explains how family inspired him to achieve greatness and give back to his community. 

Directed By Marcus A. Clarke




Release Date: 11.06.13

MASS APPEAL sits down with KAWS at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, to talk about his involvement with PAFA's Sculpture Plinth Exhibition, his use of architecture and space, and different aspects of his career.

Directed By Marcus A. Clarke 


BAY BOMBS - Feat. Anthony Leva - MASS APPEAL

Release Date: 6.09.2015 

ANTHONY LEYVA is surprised he’s alive to tell his story. After being incarcerated  at a young age, he could have easily given up and succumbed to the cyclical nature of the criminal justice system.

Directed By Marcus A. Clarke


Release Date: 12.03.15

Nowadays, anything can be the trap, anyone can be trapping. The term, originally meant for the place where drugs are sold or cooked, has been co-opted across the globe by people who's only experience is likely through music. Featuring Future, David Banner, Migos, Dr. Dax, Trouble and Jason Demarco.



Release Date: 12.05.14

Wednesday, December 3, we headed out to Rockefeller Center to document the protests against the non indictment of Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner. The footage below, captured by director Marcus A. Clarke, showcases the protests that occurred near 5th avenue and 49th street, across from Radio City Music Hall.